Identification of new market and business opportunities

Continuing development of existing markets and tapping into new business areas are core competencies of B2Science. We support you in identifying and evaluating market and marketing opportunities. We perform a detailed analysis of your customers and competitors and design detailed business models and implementation strategies.

During an in-depth interview with users of scientific instruments in the laboratory.

Business development at reduced risk and costs

Very few B2S companies have already covered all markets, discovered all target groups or served all segments.

Not all “white spots” can always be tackled at the same time – be it due to workforce allocation, investment reasons or other priorities. It can sometimes be a wise decision to refrain from hiring an additional sales representative for a new (product or market) segment until it is certain that this segment holds sufficient revenue potential.

B2Science can act as a partner to drive business development, without the need to hire additional staff or making major financial investments.

B2S Business Development Program

The B2S-Business Development Program (B2S-BDP) carries out project-related activities and is suitable for companies lacking sufficient manpower for professional business field development. The services offered range from:

Identification of…

  • new business opportunities for existing products or technologies
  • new customer segments for existing products or existing technologies
  • new business opportunities that extend or complement the existing product segment
  • business opportunities beyond current market segments


  • from scientific products to industrial grade products or OEM products and vice versa

Business generation and lead generation…

  • in target markets


  • Internal Assessment
  • Identify product and technology potentials within and outside existing customer segments
  • Contacting customers, potential customers, key-opinion leaders
  • Contacting the own B2Science network
  • Development of a well-founded market overview
  • Competitive analysis
  • Comprehensive desk research

Detailed tasks

  • Develop an overview of existing technologies and their applications
  • Identify common technological denominators that enable as many applications as possible
  • Identify key applications and key customer segments
  • Analyze strategic factors (SWOT) with respect to customer requirements and competitors
  • Develop a pre-sales guide: arguments and sales tactics required to attract new customers
  • Identify potential customers
  • Addressing potential customers
  • Detailed reporting for all planned and executed activities

Made for

Companies in the field of scientific instruments and services


A few weeks to months (gross), depending on the scope and the client’s vision. Experience shows that 20 – 40 days (net) are necessary to exhaustively work on a business development topic.  


The expenses for a B2S business development program are mainly based on the necessary personnel resources incurred for the duration of the project.

A good rule of thumb can be assumed: Costs are based on gross employer costs for a sales manager or professional business developer plus a project markup. Costs are billed on a daily basis. The business development program can usually be subdivided into milestones, which give the client the option of terminating the program early or adjusting the task description to match the interim results.