About B2Science

B2Science, based in Berlin/Germany, is helping players in the scientific instrumentation business to overcome sales and marketing challenges and seize new business opportunities.

Recent and current projects include

  • Supporting a company in the photonics industry to radically improve its brand awareness in its target market
  • Development and implementation of a growth strategy for a hidden champion (photonics) through targeted redirection of marketing investments
  • Comprehensive performance transformation of a distributor network of a life science company
  • Sales promotion through design and implementation of a new communication strategy for a photonics company
  • Business development for a physics technologies company and identification of new business opportunities in life sciences
  • Planning and deployment of in-depth interview series with potential customers for a company from the microscopy field


B2Science was founded by Thomas Neicke.  Thomas is an expert in business development, sales and marketing. He works with companies in the scientific market including photonics, life science, and physics technologies.
In various professional positions, he has taken on responsibility for different technical, sales and strategic disciplines. In this context, he has learned to combine the customer perspective with the economic viewpoint of the company.
He provides operational and strategic support to companies, management teams and employees in the conception and implementation of comprehensive business development projects.

Master of Business Administration (MBA)
Physics Technologies (Dipl. Engineer)