Customer Relationship Strategy and Insights

What actually convinces your customers? With which message are you targeting them? How do customers perceive your current offering – do they even notice it at all?

We identify your most relevant customers and especially those who are not yet customers. We decipher their needs. We offer your employees the opportunity for continuous customer feedback – in their own words. Step by step we create offerings that reach (even) more customers.

Insights through field research

Laboratory field studies and in-depth interviews are perfect methods to support innovation development or marketing roadmaps for innovations. For this purpose, we use individual test persons or groups consisting of real (potential) customers. From the insights gained, we develop an appropriate to-do-plan.

In laboratory studies, test candidates (internal or external) are confronted with the start-up and real or simulated operation of scientific instruments. The test subject(s) are accompanied by B2Science (as a neutral moderator).

The evaluation of laboratory studies results in three possible alternatives:

  1. a product or the product idea, the way of customer communication or the marketing strategy needs to be modified
  2. the results of the laboratory study encourage the company to proceed with the planned product launch
  3. the results lead to the creation of a short- and long-term marketing plan

In-depth interviews

In-depth interviews with scientists help to capture content that cannot be queried in any other way. The in-depth interview reveals aspects that were often not even known before the interview. In-depth interviews are conducted with scientists who have hands-on experience in purchasing and operating specific scientific equipment.


  • Internal assessment
  • Interviews with employees
  • Interviews with customers, potential customers, key-opinion leaders
  • Interview Design
  • In-depth interviews
  • Laboratory studies
  • Surveys
  • Net Promoter System